Celebrating All the Fierce Women in the World!

Femelle Spirit is a unique boutique whose goal is to offer clothing and jewelry that expresses the free spirit of a woman.  Many times women are boxed in to wear appropriate attire for the office, for school, for an event, or even as a mom.  This is a boutique that will help you jazz up your every day attire by allowing you to define who you are with clothing that is feminine yet feminist, glamorous yet spunky, smart but sexy, and sweet but fierce.  Femelle Spirit understands the unique look you want and seeks to make you look like the amazing woman you are, at affordable prices.

Our Vintage Upcycled Collection...

Introducing my select and specially styled thrift store finds that will make you feel edgy, fun, and beautiful. With sustainability and the Mother Earth in mind, these time-capsule pieces were expertly curated with chic taste and have become unique over time for you to reuse. They fall within our realm of boho, urban, chic. Please check out the collection and enjoy! 🩷

Vintage Upcycled Collection

Knit Puffs Sweater

Looking for something for someone this Christmas? This cute knit sweater is the perfect cozy top for Winter!

Take A Look

Iris Brand Hmong New Year Clothing

Did you make it to the Fresh Traditions Fashion Show 2023?

Here is where you can find the Hmong New Year fashion line-up for purchase! Please click on the link below.


Femelle Spirit is currently an online and pop up boutique!

Our collection is always available online.  We also travel and pop up around the Twin Cities.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we are going to be.  Sometimes, we are at a coffee shop, a brewery, tea bar, or a salon!  Come enjoy their services, and shop with us!  We'll style you, and you can try anything on!  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we pop up next. 

For those interested in ordering online outside of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, we hope you do!!  Please know that our collection was specially hand selected.  We are not a drop ship company.  We sought out great brands, we see and feel products and if we like them, we add it to our collection!  

For pop up collaboration inquiries, e-mail us at the form below.  

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Check Back for Updates!

Femelle Spirit is always adding to its collection.  Check back to see what's new!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and don't forget to read our blog!  We know it's hard to buy clothing online because you can't try it on!  Our blog talks about our items - how it fits, how you care for it, and what you could wear it with or to.  Click BLOG on the bottom of this homepage!  We'll give you ideas on what to wear and inspiration!