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Femelle Spirit encompasses my two talents: writing and styling. Originally, Femelle Spirit started as a popup boutique in the Twin Cities, but has shaped into a portal into one Hmong woman's perspective on the world and my expertise in styling. I offer you interesting storytelling, commentaries, style tips and try-ons, and pieces I curated through my boutique!

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Style. Thoughts. Travel. Love.

I write about fashion, love, mental health, and healthy living. As a child of Southeast Asian refugees of Laos, I was born and raised in Minnesota overcoming poverty and on a journey to pursue my dreams as a writer and entrepreneur with good intentions. Follow my perspective from a minority ethnic cultural and feminist viewpoint on issues such as identity, dating, and lifestyle. If you like what you read, please buy me "coffee" on Ko-Fi. Your proceeds will help me continue to write, work on my book, and support my boutique items ethically sourced from Hmong businesses abroad.

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A Unique Blend of Writing and Entrepreneurship

My intention is to share what I know and my personal experiences, hoping to engage others in thoughtful conversation, learning, and developing a sense of style. If you find my writing intriguing, I hope you will donate to my Ko-Fi account. I will also be offering beautiful pieces I've curated for sale in the boutique portion of this website.

Who are the Hmong people?

The Hmong Identity

Hmong means "free." The Hmong people are an ethnic minority found in Asia, particularly in China, SE Asia, and the US. Starting from our origin in China, we have migrated due to resources and conflict all over the world. We do not have a country to call our own, but have always sought for the freedom to sustain our culture and customs.

This photo is from a fashion show in Minnesota when I coordinated a lineup of Hmong clothing for the runway. The designer was a Hmong artist from Thailand and her designs fuse traditional ideas and modern cuts together.




Thinking about traveling? Head to Vietnam.

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Femelle Spirit will be blogging consistently and adding new curated items to its boutique. Check back for more interesting writing and updates!