Everything Circles Back: Welcome!

Welcome to my thoughts, readers!  

I hope you find my writing interesting, intriguing, and challenging.  Most of you are here because you are looking for an authentic voice - perhaps a voice that is unique and new.  If you haven't heard of the Hmong people in America, you're in for a treat!  If you're looking for style tips, I've got some fun ideas and tips for you!  Then, there are those of you just looking for cute stuff to buy and support.  I hope you'll find the boutique portion of my website fun to peruse!  

Get ready for interesting thoughts, and funny and personal experiences being Hmong American and a woman.  I've faced heartache, mental breakdowns, but also accelerated in academia and am experienced in intercultural exchange.  I advocate for well-being, tolerance, and economic progress for my community.  

Which brings me to my next thought...everything circles back.  Have you ever heard that fashion styles recycle?  Like hair claws that have recently popped up again?  Fashion circles back, but so does the intent of my writing and so does the dollar.  Please consider buying me a "coffee."  Your proceeds will finance my work as well as my entrepreneurial endeavors that are sourced from Hmong businesses abroad!  As I produce, my money circles back to the artists and entrepreneurs that I am buying wholesale from.  As I write, I hope to interest you in traveling abroad to engage in a tour package on the Hmong people as well. 

As we get started and begin our growth mindset journey...please support me as a Hmong woman writer and lifestyle artist so I can circle back to support the Hmong communities abroad.  Thank you!!