Everything Circles Back: Welcome!

Welcome to Femelle Spirit where you will find beautiful modern vintage or boho Hmong-inspired repurposed pieces!  Feel free to select which you are looking for or both in the options on the homepage.  I take my time to use my styling ability to curate a collection that is vibrant, will make a statement, is fun to wear, and will look beautiful on you!

Additionally, I want you to know what you're getting and how it makes an impact as well, so there is also a blog piece to my boutique!  Get ready for interesting thoughts, ideas, and anecdotes on fashion, self-love, Mother Earth, and the Hmong community.

Which brings me to my next thought...everything circles back.  Have you ever heard that fashion styles recycle?  Like hair claws that have recently popped up again?  Fashion circles back, but so does the intent of my writing and so does the dollar.  Please consider buying me a "coffee" through Ko-Fi.  Your proceeds will finance my writing as well as my entrepreneurial endeavors that are sourced from Hmong businesses abroad!  As I produce, the dollar circles back to the artisans that I am buying wholesale from.  

As we get started and begin our growth together...please support me as a lifestyle artist and entrepreneur so I can circle back to support the Hmong communities abroad.  Thank you!!