Planted Lovers...Part 2

Planted Lovers...Part 2

 She closed her eyes and let the songs fill up the space in her mind that needed to just chill.  Meanwhile, Pa Nhia was hanging out with Lou, the man with the strange vibes, at the bar counter like two thirsty birds perched on a water fountain.  Sunny ignored them and continued to close her eyes.  A peculiar feeling made her gasp for air, and suddenly Pa Nhia’s mysterious boyfriend appeared by her side with a plastic cup of ice water.  “You looked thirsty,” he said.  “Oh, I don’t share germs,” Sunny quickly retorted, feeling unwilling to interact with her best friend’s new boyfriend.  Take the water -you need it, a voice resounded in her head.  She grabbed the cup out of Lou’s hand and drank it like she was a plant in the desert.  As soon as she was done, she had the urge to use the bathroom except now she was limping from a blister forming on her right foot.  Lou noticed and told Pa Nhia that he would take Sunny to the bathroom.  I thought he had drunk more than me, Sunny thought to herself, as she swayed hanging on to his arm.  Lou patted her red-painted nails on his elbow, and whispered something barely audible but Sunny caught it.  He said, “I needed some time with you alone.”  She shrugged him off her.

  “Do you recognize me from somewhere?” she said. 

Lou looked her straight in the eyes, and said, “I don’t know what you mean?”

She repeated what she heard from him.  

He looked away and said, “I think you need some more water.”  

She suddenly felt sick and ran into the women’s bathroom.  

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