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I have been challenged to enter a submission to a local art gallery in the category of literary and visual arts.  This initial short story submission has turned into a longer story that I want to share with all of you.  It is a fictional love story (my favorite to write), and one I think will stay with you for a long time.  Here is the initial piece.  Feel free to subscribe to the silver and gold tier if you want to read what happens next for the exclusive rest of the story!  

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Song: Hlub Dhau Mus Lawm


CH. 1

    Sunny rose from her one-million accent pillows and comforter on her bed when the sun peaked an orange-pink like her favorite color coral, which looked great on her whenever she wore it as make-up on her face.  Stretching one arm up, and then the other, she also opened her chest so her back would crack and felt like an elderly Hmong lady who likes to drink instant coffee in a porcelain cup with condensed milk.  Yesterday, she had helped her mom in the garden at the back of their house in Woodbury, Minnesota.  It was summer break, and she had come home from college to relax from her studies where she spent endless nights learning about Freudian theories and how to balance a budget for her accounting class - she was majoring in psychology with a minor in business management.   “Woo hoo!” she yelled out, sticking both arms in the air this time, imagining the fun summer ahead with her family and high school friends. Kicking the blankets off her, she quietly opened her bedroom door, and crept into the hall to the bathroom - everyone else was asleep except her mom she was willing to bet.  Mom was already up, covered in long garments and a hat with a rim to protect her from the sun, ready to plant more seeds.  

    Sunny was just happy to wake up to the presence of her mom and not in a dingy dorm room at college.  “Good morning, momma” as Sunny wrapped herself around her.  “Oy!  I am in a hurry.  We have too many seeds we did not get to last night because you were so slow.  Brush your teeth and put on some sunblock - then come help me in the garden!”  her mom shook her off but smiled at her and returned half a hug.  Sunny knew her mom and that she did not express affection easily nor receive it well either.  Scolding was her way of showing that she needed her daughter or that she cared for Sunny’s well-being.  It was an odd way of showing affection, but sheesh!  She had to take what she could get.  

    They spent the morning and afternoon bending over and getting in the soil.  The hot sun boiled but shone bright with hope like her name, but the dirt was cool with a relief that balanced the Earth.  Sunny looked over at her mother who laughed and told her to catch up, even though, in the end Sunny knew her mom would carry them with most of the work until the end of the rows of planting.    They went inside for lunch, tossing their wide-brimmed hats with what Sunny thought had silly floral prints to the side of the garage among their gardening tools and went inside to prepare their meal.  She had many siblings, but all of them were older and were married.  She was the only one left at home living with her mom and dad during the summers off now.  Rinsing the leafy greens dotted with tiny yellow flowers for soup under the sink water, she thought of all the things she wanted to do this summer.  First of all, Sunny also led a secret life which she kept under wraps because if her parents found out, they would never let her go.  Just then, her cell phone pinged her.  She had put her phone upside down so her parents couldn’t see who was messaging her.  Excusing herself to use the bathroom, she hastily grabbed her phone with her wet hands and slid into the first-floor bathroom across from the kitchen.  


   Meet tonight, pronto.  - was the message.

   Sunny wrote back, Why?  What do you want to do?

   Wear red. 


Sunny giggled, flushed the toilet, then rushed out to finish preparing lunch with her mom.  


CH. 2

    Sometimes, life is excruciatingly boring and difficult.  Sunny made these blanket statements in her journal often.  Journaling was the only way she could cope with her notorious knack for studying all the time due to her parents who were notorious for so strictly raising their family.  Her siblings all had jobs in the medical field: physicians or research assistants - with great benefits.  It was only destined for Sunny to take her place among the line-up.  But this summer, she had an internship at a Wellness Center that helped clients through therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and other holistic services, so she could take a break from having to pick up a book and memorize facts, theories, or number crunch.  And tonight, well tonight…she was going to wear RED.  

    As much of a bookworm as Sunny was, she was also a fashionista.  She kept her closet organized by color so it was easy to reach in find the perfect red bodycon dress with layered puff-sleeves and a sweetheart neckline speckled with sequins.  She had found the dress in a consignment shop so it was ripped under the armpit and she had wanted it a bit shorter on her petite silhouette.   Working on it immediately after she purchased it throughout the last Spring break, she was so excited.  This was the first time, she was going to wear it out DANCING!  She had messaged her friend, Pa Nhia back with a Hells yea!

    Club Escape was pumping blood through young hearts that night.  Sunny, Pa Nhia, and their group of friends were dropping like it’s hot on the dance floor among the flickers of neon lights and the vibration in the walls.  Sunny brushed through her long loose hair with her fingers, and let the beat guide her hips and legs.  She felt stunning in her red dress.  As the song changed, a tall lanky young man in a suit too big for his body type walked through the crowds surrounding their group.  Though it was dark in the club, she could make out the dimple on his cheek as he grinned cheesily.  He had great black hair that he slicked to the side and a mature air of confidence that wasn’t found around their age just yet.  With vodka on her breath, her red lips widened and dropped as she saw him gather her friend Pa Nhia up into a hug.  Pa Nhia introduced him as Lou, her new boyfriend.  Lou looked at Sunny and all of a sudden she could see into the depths of his chocolate brown eyes, feeling like she was naked as if he knew something private about her even though they had never met.  He shook her hand, said something funny to Pa Nhia, and then they turned their backs and entered the crowd to get to the bar.  

Sunny wiped her hand on her dress because it felt hot, hoping the heat would rub away.  No, I don’t think I’ve seen him before, she muttered to herself, feeling weird, and started moving her shoulders to the music with her friends.  As she did so, she didn't see that Lou had turned his head to look back at her, thinking to himself that he was so sure…  


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Taurus Hybrid

To be continued from Woodbury to club Skyway to find rib.
Femelle Spirit replied:
Yes, he is looking for his rib for sure. =P

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