Meet Thang of Hmong Tour!

Thajyeeb's name who goes by Thang for short, means "peace."  Born and raised in the Ha Giang Province, the northern most rocky plateau region of Vietnam - he was raised as a farmer and lived off the land growing up with this family.  After high school, he went on to college and paid for it by himself working as a hired labor picking up cement and debris after companies demolished buildings and houses.  He graduated in tourism and now runs his tour guide business. 

Driving us safely in his SUV to see the signature Hmong villages of the north, we spent two weeks traveling from mountain to mountain with breathtaking views (rivers and rice terraces) and sweet interactions with his family and villagers.  My most favorite part of this Hmong Tour was the welcoming meal his family prepared for us in his village and the experiences in his home.  We had chosen to come around their New Year so they were definitely celebrating that day!  His daughters were already in their beautiful traditional and colorful outfits.  They slipped some pieces over what I was wearing, and I pulled out my makeup bag.  I lightly brushed their cheeks with blush and eye shadow and they loved it as we took pictures!  Afterwards, we walked the side of the winding mountain to their local waterfall and watched their friends and neighbors play a traditional Hmong field game, and went on a bamboo shoot hunt (bamboo shoot is a delicious staple in Hmong cuisine).  I was happy to make new friends, and will talk a little bit about how this epic trip impacted me in another blog post!  For now, I want to feature Thang's tour guide service and his gracious hospitality as we peeked into a Hmong Vietnamese home.


Thang is charming, kind, and well-educated about the Hmong culture and Vietnam.  He is well-spoken in Hmong, and though he can read and write very well in English...just needs a little push in dialogue.  He welcomes all travelers from around the world to experience the lush scenery of the north and the Hmong villages.  He will also work with you on heading south towards Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City.  Take a look at a few of my favorite photos of Vietnam below!

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