Meet Lan of Sapa, Vietnam's Hemp & Embroidery Shop!


I met Lan randomly on top of the highest peak in Sapa, Vietnam.  Sapa is the official Hmong tourist town of Vietnam with its bustling miniature city that lights up at night with crowds, lanterns, and music.  My mom said that six years ago, it was a gorgeous green landscape...she was disappointed to see it has turned into a Vegas-like atmosphere.  Although I appreciated the energy in Sapa...I wanted to imagine what it was like when it was just green with small shops and places to walk without elbowing each other.  Fortunately, you can still go up the surrounding mountains from the valley where the town is and check out the Hmong villages or picturesque spots for photos for a little breather! 

(view of Sapa from the mountain top)


(Lan to my right and another friend to my left)

Right away, Lan was impressionable.  She spoke English quite well and smoothly with her cute Hmong Vietnamese accent, rambling on near me to the point where I noticed her.  My parents were in conversation with her and introduced me.  I learned that she had picked up English from talking with the tourists and that she owned an extensive vintage Hmong clothing and accessories business!  We quickly bonded over both our entrepreneurial spirits, and I took her out to Korean BBQ.  

This is me and her walking the streets of Sapa and a quick look at the front of her shop!  

Her business employs divorced Hmong women who usually struggle to provide for themselves after they separate from their husbands.  She gives them a job sewing and re-purposing Hmong textiles into new things - like a tote bag! 

Please support her business by purchasing pieces from me through Femelle Spirit!  I mainly source and curate boho vintage pieces and accessories under my brand.  Your support will allow the both of us to grow. 

See my collection here: 

(repurposed textiles into a makeup bag)

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