International Women's Day

I can't let the night end without wishing you all a Happy International Women's Day!  

Have you ever heard that "women hold up half the sky?"  Actually, quoted by the late Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong.  I think at that time, he was trying to harness the economic power of women in his country.  Which he successfully did.  The point of his message was, 50% of the population are women...they should be able to work too.  Whether this was liberation, freedom, or an essential need for the economy to allowed women to do something more than the role of a caretaker.  

I may talk a lot about economy...or more-so "progress" - particularly in reference to the Hmong community,  But, once again, circling back...when we allow women to work, we empower them to make their own choices as well as add to the labor force. 

In many of the Southeast Asian countries, you will see many Hmong women working as tour guides on foot or selling goods on the streets.  Some are still lacking the skill to drive a large car which is essential to expansive tours, while others lack the upward mobility to target a larger market with a store front or even own something similar to a "food truck".  

But, I have met some entrepreneurs that are trailblazing for their community and providing for their families.  

I am working on creating their profiles (both Hmong women and men) who are providing services or retail which will tell their story and also give you a chance to see what they offer. 

Stay tuned!  **Please feel free to buy me a "coffee" to help me create visibility for these entrepreneurs!**


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