Children of War

Children of War -

That's what my parents are.

During my recent trip to Vietnam, my dad was so excited to take pictures with the fighter jets and choppers used by the USA during the Vietnam War at the memorial museum in Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, he used to hitch rides on the choppers as a young boy in Long Cheng, Laos.  

I know this was a contentious war. To me, it was not about stopping the domino effect of communism. It was about the conquest of West versus East. Half the world is Asian and undemocratic. Perhaps, the US was afraid of the Eastern influence and a possible this a wild thought?

Consequently, there were innocent Vietnamese civilian casualties (bombed, shot, and killed) or had lasting sickness from Agent Orange. Protests against this war occurred all over the world.

Did the US lose or did we finally pull out because we knew we were wrong and unjustified?

It's also an interesting war for the Hmong because we allied with the US. Communist Laos had its own oppression on us, and we were looking for freedom.

A contentious and complicated war with many players and sides - I reflect on my trip...

Vietnam is pretty incredible and self-sufficient. It has won wars against Western powers, has thriving cities, and a successful industrial economy... I'm not done learning about Vietnam...but I do wish and hope for their Hmong communities to thrive since they assisted the Vietnamese during the French Indochina War in addition to being a part of the Vietcong for those residing in the north during the Vietnam War. (Yes, there were Hmong Vietnamese communists who fought against the Hmong in Laos allied with the US).


At the end of the day, I am a pacifist - as a child of a child of war.  When I think about what is going on in Ukraine and Gaza right now, I hope for peace.  I wish the world and especially the United States would spend less time in support of fighting, but instead in supporting understanding, intercultural learning, and tolerance.  This is why I do what I do.  I only hope my writing will shed some light on a perspective that teaches empathy, inclusiveness, peace, and prosperity.  

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