Hi all!

It was a fast and incredible April!  I celebrated my birthday TWICE and celebrated other people's birthdays too!  Now, that it's over with (whew)...we can finally move into May.  I just want to check in.  How are you?  What are you looking forward to as the weather gets nicer and the sun is smiling a little more?  :)  

For me, I can't wait to get out my colorful clothing pieces and accessories to vibe with the next two seasons!  I know people in the styling world emphasize on always having basics in your closet (I'm not arguing that at all)...but I don't think we talk enough about accent pieces with vibrancy and color. 

Last weekend, I had my first live pop-up of the year at the Nicollet Spring Market in Minneapolis.  It felt great to present my collection to the wandering public again!  Plus, now that it is UNVEILED, I can talk about it!  

My collection this Spring is full of red shades, dynamic prints, and feminine vibes of freedom, beauty, and joy.  It includes modern-vintage urban and chic items as well as Hmong boho-style one-of-a-kind pieces.  How do you wear these vibrant-colored boho pieces, you ask?  Easy!  You can do it by accessorizing or wearing the boho pieces as an accent for the outfit as a whole to create a brighter and carefree look!

See here: an intricate beaded handmade crossbody bag is the right accent piece to my simple long-sleeve and jeans look.  

Also here: call it a statement piece or an accent piece over a lace cami and distressed jeans - this outfit gives off a fun, flirty, and cool vibe in which I wore to an outdoor concert at a local brewery!  

You can find pieces like these in my Spring 2024 collection!  Check them out here:  

I am still trying to earn Ko-Fi support towards my goal of raising $1200 for a laptop.  I will be using this laptop to download Scrivener for my creative writing projects.  Feel free to donate any amount.  I appreciate you for reading!  I hope you found this fashion tip on using colors to brighten up your outfits this season as helpful!   





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