Pick your mode of transportation carefully when you choose to get a Bikini Wax...

It's storytelling time! 

WARNING:  could be TMI, but also very informative with a good laugh.

First, this morning - I have an appointment to get a wax, a FULL-ON Bazillion...that means front to back, smooth as a baby's ______!  And it also means...I better be ready for the pulls, the pain, and the numbness as well as the casual but straining and superficial conversation I will have with the technician pretending I'm not being tortured as I get through it.  (Haha, beauty comes with discipline.  It really does.)  

I try to get a wax about every 3 months - that's how I can afford it, plus luckily for me - hair growth is slow.  I don't know a lot of women who get waxes, but when I see the clients coming in and out of the swinging doors of the wax center - let me tell you, they walk with confidence...a sexy, warm, strut out the door with their hair slinging back - ready to take on the day.  (By the way, men can get waxes too)...  Over the years, I have gotten used to the process, but I will tell you about my first time...

For a moment in time, I lived in a house full of girls on Taylor Ave near a local university.  We called it the Taylor House.  We were all attending the college, and I remember fun gatherings in the morning eating breakfast and having coffee before we started our work day, girl talk about dating and careers, and epic Halloween parties...  This was the house I will always remember as getting snowed into, building a snowwoman on the front lawn who we gave a name to - something aged and classy like Greta, taking bikini photos with her in the storm, and then getting it knocked down by the neighborhood jock boys. 

I learned a lot from the women in that house.  This was where I picked up waxing.  We discussed our bodies and the people we were seeing - feeling empowered, and flirty.  I was intrigued so I set an appointment at Juut's on Grand!  I didn't have a car at that time...just a mangy old bike that I took from my parents' house.  It seriously did not even cross my mind that I would need to bike home with my vagina on fire.  I should have taken the bus, but with the transfers...it would take forever!  I set out for the salon...they have Aveda products inside, so it was a lovely atmosphere smelling of eucalyptus and lavender plus they gave me cucumber water to drink while I waited.  I thought to myself, I can do this...this is so nice...

I was in for a treat, I thought.  It was my first time...the hot purple wax looked like flubber from the movie "Flubber" with Robin Williams (except it wasn't neon green).  If you remember this movie...cool because then, I guess you're as old as I am!  =D  The wax came on too hot for my skin, so the technician had to turn it down.  Otherwise, one layer at a time was quickly but carefully pulled to reveal smoothness.  

At the end, you always have to leave a tip (my own mantra for you)...I have to admit, these technicians are amazing but I bet, they also get tired of looking at multiple vaginas everyday, so I give generously enough to say I'm sorry.  Lol.

As I got ready to leave, I remembered my bike and I'm mournfully regretting it as the warmth I am feeling down below, sits on top of the hard seat.  The pressure is on and my nerves are sceaming!  I headed home, but, you know what?  I was super proud of myself.  And by the looks in the mirror afterwards, I was satisfied and happy as well.  


 PRO-TIPS:  The European Wax Center chain is the best deal in MN for a wax!  

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