Beauty Try-On: MERIT

Hello, lovelies!  How are you doing?  Happy almost-St. Patrick's Day!  I am celebrating with a girlfriend today.  What are you doing?  To be honest - I hardly ever celebrate this holiday even though the Irish community is strong in Saint Paul where I am from.  I seriously think I haven't celebrated since I went out with my ex, a decendant of the Irish :D, more than a few years ago.  So, it's okay if you're curled up on the couch foregoing this holiday instead.  I'm not Irish - I get it!!  But since, I got an invitation this year: I'm going to go out and be festive!  Woop!

Today, for a BEAUTY TRY-ON, I am introducing to you a makeup brand that I wanted to try myself because of its low-maintenance and easy process finishing in a natural look!  I do add some of my own touches (my signature cat eye) and will be giving you a few tips below (see if you catch them in the video)!  

Pros for this cream-based set: great deal (can use a payment plan), easy to apply, beautiful colors.

Cons:  You have to guess what your colors would be (there's no guide on the website) and they don't have a setting spray or powder so I used my own.  


#1: Use q-tips (I highly suggest you wet them in water first) to clean up and angle your ink eyeliner cat eye to PERFECTION!

#2:  I always use VASELINE to wear under my lipstick ...just a little, if you want the matte look!  

#3:  Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick if you want a POWDER KISS finish!  Lightly pat with finger.  :D

Check out the MERIT Beauty Try-On video: 

What do you think, friends?!!  What do you struggle with in terms of make-up?  

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