Your Body and Mind

Hello ladies!

We hope you've been doing great this Spring!  

Today's topic:  mental health.

Your body and your mind is so important.  It's important to have healthy thoughts about others and about yourselves.  Femelle Spirit loves to make you look and feel good.  But it starts with YOU.

Doing things that make you feel good like going on a walk with your dog, playing with your niece, drawing, singing, writing, talking to your boyfriend about your feelings - and if he's not responding with positive affirmations - let him go!

We, as women struggle with self image.  You must love and take care of yourself in order to be healthy.  To love and understand yourself.  To allow others to understand you.

Our Spring/Summer collection won't be up on our website just yet.  However, everything on the site is STILL available.  You are beautiful.  Your boyfriend, lover, partner, husband should know and tell you that.  

Tip for today:  Read the 5 Love Languages written by Gary Chapman and start a book club with your partner.  :-)



Femelle Spirit

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