Summer 2020 is not cancelled.

The pandemic and the murder of George Floyd in the Minnesotan community sparked feelings of sadness, anger, and fear all around the world.  The year 2020 has made itself to be something we want cancelled.  Winter was hard and I know we all were expecting a sweet, fun-filled summer under the sun.  But we can't even socialize like we used to...

But...summer isn't cancelled!  On the bright side, we've had more serious conversations with each other about love, relationships, racism, and community.  We've learned to be creative - using technology to teach students even when they can't be in school.   We've learned to be mindful of each others' safety by sewing and wearing masks.  I know I've learned new ways to entertain myself by discovering new hiking trails, mailing my nephews letters and cookies, learning to garden with my parents, and talking politics with my younger brother.  

So give yourself a pat on the back if you have found ways to cope and to bond with the people you love.  Summer 2020 is not cancelled.  It just got started.  

Keep thinking creatively.  And keep being safe.  Stay healthy.

Another coping mechanism?  

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And remember that 30% of June's sales will go to Black Lives Matter and North Minneapolis Businesses.  



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