Feeling Lovely

It's a lovely day out.  The sun is shining.  Your pet loves you.  

Do you feel like you are comparing yourself to others or constantly trying to explain yourself?  You don't need to.  In fact, you don't need anyone to "Like" your Facebook or Instagram posts to feel good.  Or if no one does and you feel it is because they are judging you?  Well, F that!  Look good for YOU.  Or dazzle your boyfriend or husband or...your pet!  It doesn't matter what people think of you - especially those who you never actually see in real life!  

Dazzle yourself.  

This lavender Promesa Lace Maxi dress is a dazzler.  It is sweet, lovely, and beautiful.  It's perfect for attending a summer wedding.  Our model is 5'3 and wearing a small.  It fits most body types as the dress is lengthy and flares out just a bit to give your body a more cinched waist.  The lining on the inside stops above the knee to show your legs off.

How to care for it:  hand wash in cold water, line dry. 

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